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For Johannes Cordes, an object artist from the northern part of Germany, little gummi bears (German jelly babies) have been the source of inspiration. Since then he has been using them as a basic material for his own unique form of art.

Collages consisting of thousands of gummi bears are being made by him.

Not only his fascinating interpretations of works by Leonard da Vinci, Tamara de Lempika, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol or Keith Haring, also his self-made, pop art inspired creations, all made out of a consumer product, are masterpieces of art.

In 2004 Johannes Cordes participated as a minor exhibitor at the „100 Jahre Salvador Dali“ (100 years Salvador Dali) event in Bruchsal castle near Karlsruhe for the first time. More than 900 exhibits made this event the biggest European retrospective of the Spanish surrealist Dali, who died in 1989.

At this time not only large-scaled homages to the great artist Dali but also first object showcases were created.

Subsequently, various single exhibitions in Germany followed.

After that, pieces of art for’s portrait series about the founder Hans Riegel, his wife Gertrud as well as his sons Dr. Hans and Paul Riegel were created on commission.

Johannes Cordes has been living in the Emsland since 2007.